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Cooking, art and heritage collaborate

A seamless blend of the Mediterranean and Japan | £36 per dish

Executive Chef Sofiane Kaced has joined forces with our artist in residence Lana Matsuyama ‘Of Katachi’ to create a collaborative dish that reflects the passions and heritages of both creatives. The cross-pollination of their joint expertise has resulted in ‘Kaced x Matsuyama’, a collection of individual culinary elements, presented on a plate specially designed and handmade by Lana to work in harmony with Sofiane’s food.

Enjoy this unique collaborative dish in Art Yard from 15th August to 30 September 2023.

The Dish

Kaced x Matsuyama

‘Kaced x Matsuyama’ is a collection of individual culinary elements, presented on a plate specially designed and handmade by Lana to work in harmony with Sofiane’s food. Its rectangular shape is based on a traditional artist’s canvas, with warm white glazing adding colour to the food without overwhelming it. Lana’s plate mirrors forms found in and around the hotel, such as the light strips in the pavement in front of the studio and the scale-like ‘C’ motif found on the tiles in the Art Yard restaurant. Lana has gouged a groove in the plate to house the apple and cherry blossom sauce for the lamb, meanwhile, Sofiane has included edible flowers inspired by those in the restaurant’s courtyard and micro shiso leaves to mirror the harmonious and dynamic composition reminiscent of Lana’s paintings.

The mixing of the pair’s culinary heritage is demonstrated by, a courgette flower stuffed with creamy goats’ cheese deep fried in tempura batter, a classic Japanese preparation. The lamb, cooked in a traditional French manner, shuns the usual mint sauce accompaniment in favour of shiso oil, which references Japan. Its vivid green colour also acts as a contrast between the plate and the accompanying courgette.

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The Chef

Sofiane Kaced

Sofiane takes inspiration from his homeland Southern France to create dishes that play with the colours, textures and tastes of the Mediterranean. The wood oven takes a prominent role in his cooking, its culinary effects being present in many of the dishes. He strikes the perfect balance between creativity and purity; cooking that allows the inherent flavours of the ingredients to shine, presented in an imaginative manner.

The Artist

Lana Matsuyama

Contemporary Collective artist Lana is a Japanese American contemporary artist, designer, and creative director based in London and New York. She specialises in abstract mixed media paintings, sculpture and drawings, where she aims to retain a sense of minimalism in her work while simultaneously creating movement, emotion, and complexity through repetition, texture, and patina.

Lana is represented by our Art Partner, Contemporary Collective, who manage the Art Yard residency space, placing thier artists in the co- curated space.


“My cooking has always been influenced by my surroundings, so now that I am Executive Chef at Art Yard, it would be almost impossible for the art in all its forms that surrounds me on a daily basis to not have an affect on my cooking. It is therefore an absolute privilege to work with an artist of Lana Matsuyama’s standing. Though what has made this journey truly special is the combination of her artistic skill and heritage and the mark it has made on this collaboration.”
Sofiane Kaced.


“Being able to explore my love and curiosity around food in conversation with painting and ceramics has been an artist and maker’s absolute dream. And of course, collaborating with Chef Kaced in the trenches of a bustling kitchen was an amazing experience—thank you to the Bankside team and of course to Contemporary Collective/Degree Art for making all of this possible!”
Lana Matsuyama