Post Occupancy Evaluation

The Bankside Hotel is a uniquely designed building aimed to provide a comfortable modern feel. An evaluation of the hotel is being conducted to assess how well it performs in reality for guests. This information will be used to assess if and where improvements could be made.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance with completing the following questions regarding your experience of the Bankside Hotel.

    Reception: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Lounge areas: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Bedroom: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Bathroom: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Restaurant: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Bar: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Meeting rooms: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Toilets: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Gym: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A
    Overall impression: Very poor (1)Poor (2)Satisfactory (3)Good (4)Excellent (5)N/A